We believe that basics are the foundation stones of one’s simple, yet sophisticated style.

Since 2009, we create eco-minded elevated basics that are wardrobes’ timeless staple pieces which can easily be dressed-up or dressed-down reflecting one’s taste and style, and effortlessly adapt to different day-to-night combinations.

We believe in and cherish the ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’ philosophies at every aspect of our business and our personal lives.

We elevate minimal designs with custom-developed & custom-made natural fabrics, and skilled craftsmanship.

We are strongly against fast fashion, over-consumption, over-production, and hazardous materials and chemicals that are used in fabric production, that are bad for our health and bad for our planet.

We constantly aim to zero out our plastic footprint. We are 100% against polyester, which is not just bad for our bodies, but also is a terrible pollutant that damages the eco-system. Also, instead of regular plastic packaging, which cannot be recycled or fully biodegrade, we use biodegradable packaging for our garments.

We offer two collections per year; however, 70-80% of the collection consists of signature styles that carry-over from seasons to seasons, making them available to be purchased throughout years, maintaining the same quality and fits, knowing the importance of the core basics to one’s wardrobe.

We never go on sale because we create timeless and key basics. Instead of over-producing and selling excess pieces on sale, we carefully determine the production units. In order to add new styles, new fabrics, or new colors, we discontinue some colors or styles over time, and to zero out the inventory of the specific variant that we plan to discontinue, we donate the units in stock to local institutions who support the people in need. 

We hope you will enjoy the garments you purchase and wear it with love for many years.

Keep it simple, natural, and personal; keep it tru.